Creationism: “2 + 2 doesn’t equal 4, because government says it does!”


Creationists.  Ugh.

No matter what science you mention, they don’t trust it unless they want to.

I responded to the silly “news” that some “scientist” had declared that he had discovered that humans were the result of an interbreeding of chimps and pigs.  And, no, the link doesn’t lead to The Onion.

This is so easily refuted on so many levels from so many different angles, but that’s not the point here.

The creationist in question was celebrating that this was so silly it showed what desperate measures the “evolutionists” were willing to resort to in an effort to keep clinging to their ideas.  He said this proved it was time to start from scratch without relying on evolution.

Being a person who understands science somewhat, I gave the person a few BIG reasons why this just didn’t really happen.  He then rejected everything I told him and claimed that “evolutionists” have only their assertion that “there is no god, so evolution must be true” to fall back on.  No, that’s what creationists do when they say “We don’t understand how this could have happened, so that means no one can understand it, so god did it“.  

Never mind that even if evolution were falsified, it still doesn’t mean the Genesis fairy tale is automatically “proven”.  Not by a long shot.  There are not only two “choices” to choose between.  Maybe the Hopi creation myth is true, instead.

Scientists don’t need for god to not exist for science, including evolutionary biology, to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.  They have genetics, anatomy, fossils, etc.  

Creationists have only wishes and a book.

Trying to discuss something with a creationist (who nowadays always claim they don’t necessarily believe creationism, but there is no proof for evolution) is like discussing the solar system with a “flat earther”.

I don’t have the ability to take a flat earther in a spaceship and show him the planet hanging in space.  I don’t have the ability to take a creationist back and forth through time to show him species evolving.  I can show both of them the evidence and artifacts, and explain what those things means and why.  But, as with the flat earther, creationists will dream up fantastical scenarios to explain what they see.  I have heard flat earthers, even in this age of tentative space travel, claiming the earth is flat, it just looks spheroid from space because of an optical illusion.  Creationists always do the same thing.  They desperately don’t want to believe, for whatever reason, so they just decide not to.

What is especially frustrating to me is when fellow anarchists choose to reject science because it is taught in government schools.  Yeah, well, so is addition.  Do you choose to reject that 2 + 2 = 4 just because a government employee tells you it does?  That’s silly!

Do you reject gravity because it is taught by government employees in government schools?  Rejecting robust science simply because government schools also accept it is giving government too much power over your mind.  Even government can’t ignore some facts.

I also see fellow anarchists make the complaint that government “uses” evolution for it’s benefit.  I’ve never seen a good explanation of just how they imagine this is being done.  Sure, some governments have used eugenics to violate individuals, but government thugs also use gravity to send ballistic missiles to a target.  Get over it.  

Truth doesn’t stop being true just because a goon accepts it.

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