My superpower

June 12, 2018 by

Seriously, I don’t tell many people about my superpower. Some people know I have this ability, and they often use it to their advantage, and I don’t really mind. The only problem is that they don’t realize they are using my superpower so they take it for granted.

What is this superpower?

I can think.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound that remarkable… but if it isn’t, why don’t the people I encounter do it?

Instead, they just ask me for the answers.

I never claimed to be a math whiz, but those around me ask me instead of figuring it out for themselves. When people need an answer for just about anything else, it’s the same story- ask the Squarest Peg; don’t try to think it through.

It’s no wonder I sometimes feel like the smartest person in the room when I think and see no evidence anyone else does.

Thinking seems easy, but it must be a superpower. Otherwise everyone could do it.


Know your place

April 21, 2018 by

The Universe includes all physics, which includes all chemistry, which includes all life, which includes all animals, which includes all vertebrates, which includes all mammals, which includes all monkeys, which includes all apes, which includes all humans, which includes you.

Obviously many, many steps were left out, but that’s the gist of it. Your place in the Universe. Pretty cool, huh.

Will flattery get you anywhere?

February 28, 2018 by

It is bewildering to me why people praise God when someone is suffering. As if flattering God will cause him to intervene and help the sufferer. Maybe they actually believe it will.

In my family there have been a few recent examples. A couple of them went ahead and died after people said God was healing them. (“Praise Him and His wisdom”) One guy is suffering now, but may actually recover. I guess God liked the flattery this time, but not the other times.

God is vile.

RIP, Billy Graham

February 23, 2018 by

All I’ll say is that he wasn’t the least surprised by the lack of an afterlife.

Flat Earth and Creationism

February 17, 2018 by

Recently one of my relatives was shocked to discover there are “Flat Earth” believers out there.

She thinks they are just messing with everyone because no one could actually believe such a thing. Not in the year 2018.

Yet, this person believes a personal God created the Universe in 6 days 6000 or so years ago, with all animals in their present forms. And made humans out of mud and rib bones.

Neither belief is any more rational than the other. They are both crazy beliefs without any basis in reality.

7 billion+ gods

January 31, 2018 by

No two people worship (or believe in) the same god.

They would argue against this fact. They might hate you for pointing it out. Some probably don’t realize they worship their own individual god- a god they don’t share with anyone else on the planet.

People get past this by grouping with others whose gods are similar enough they can pretend it’s the same god. And by avoiding any mention of things which would expose the singular nature of each person’s god.

If the differences get exposed in a way that’s impossible to ignore, some people will break away and form their own group with those whose gods are mostly compatible (for now).

Everyone makes up a god that they can live with. A god whose opinions mesh with those of its creator. That way when the person does horrible things, they can claim it wasn’t horrible because god says it is something they should do. Gods often approve of being monstrous toward people who obviously worship other gods, at least according to the people who carry out god’s evil preferences.

I’m not going to kill anyone over the god they worship, as long as they don’t try to kill or attack or rob me on the instructions of the god between their ears.

May you each create a decent, humane god, rather than the more popular kind.

Trading addictions

December 27, 2017 by

I know someone who is over-the-top religious. Well, I know a lot of people who are, but this one stuck out.

Turns out she used to be a meth addict, and possibly addicted to other drugs, as well. Heavily.

She doesn’t do drugs anymore. But, no, she isn’t “clean”. She just traded the meth for God, but she’s still just an addict, burning out her brain cells for a high.

Once I learned this, her religiosity made perfect sense. I won’t try to get her off this drug, just like I wouldn’t have tried to get her off the other drug. Some people seem to need something to be addicted to, and can’t function otherwise. God is more socially acceptable than meth. For now. It’s still tragic.

Neither one exists

December 27, 2017 by

I heard an amusing exchange over Christmas.

A young relative- in a highly religious branch of the family- has gotten to the age he has started seeing through the “Santa Claus” myth.

He hasn’t seen Santa, and was planning to set traps to catch his mom playing Santa, and the relatives were trying to keep him believing a little longer.

So, what was their argument in favor of the existence of Santa Claus?

“Well, you haven’t seen God, either, and you know he exists…”


The kid may shake off the superstition, after all. If they aren’t careful to keep him from thinking…

Pray, or help

November 7, 2017 by

If someone has a problem you can help with, or even solve, but you only pray for them, you are horrible. Worse than useless.

No, you aren’t obligated to help, but pretending to help by praying, and expecting to be considered a good person for it, is messed up.

If you can’t really do anything to alleviate their problem, then letting them know you are praying for them can be an act of compassion. But only if they know you are praying. They need to know you care, and would help if you could.

Religions of death

June 23, 2017 by

If your religion requires death, your religion is disgusting.

Doesn’t matter if it is the death of infidels, the death of God’s son on a cross, the death of sacrificial animals. the death of captured warriors, the death of heretics, or the death of atheists.

If your religion requires death, your religion is disgusting.