Truth and non-truth are reality


Everyone thinks their particular opinion on religion or politics is obviously right, and everyone else is deluded and wrong. It is popular to just “agree to disagree”, and claim that everyone’s answer is equally valid. But…

The reality is that there actually is a truth. Everything has a right answer, and even more important, everything has an infinite number of wrong answers.

There either IS a god or there is not.

There is a right way to engage with other people (politics) and a wrong way.

You or I may be wrong. We may not have all the facts necessary to know the right answer, but there IS a right answer, and without careful consideration and study, the chances of randomly growing up believing the right answer because that’s what your parents and grandparents believed is vanishingly tiny.

As much as you might want to believe, and as bad as you want to justify it, it is never right to steal from people for “the common good”, nor is it ever right to violate their rights “by law” for the same reason. You can whine about your political ideals being “just as valid” as mine- if you don’t come right out and call me a kook- but if you are trying to justify “taxation” or “legal” violation of someone’s rights, you are simply wrong. Period. If I don’t tell you that to your face it is out of a recognition that you’ll never admit that your way is evil. But it is.

The “god question” is trickier. I have never seen any compelling evidence that anything supernatural exists- in spite of having many people tell me how “real” god is to them. Everything they claim as proof could be said for closet pixies if I really, really believe in them and see their hand in my life, and feel their presence in my heart.

On the contrary, I see a lot of evidence that god is a figment of imagination, whose characteristics vary depending on the person who believes.

Regardless of how you or I “feel” about god’s existence, either a god exists or it doesn’t. One of us is wrong. I have laid out my case, including all the evidence, many times- often resulting in Christians collapsing in a profane conniption fit. I’m willing to change my mind and admit I’ve been wrong if presented with objective reality-based evidence that holds up. So far, everything I have been “shown” is either lies, misinformation (based upon a complete ignorance in science and history), “feelings”, or desperate wishful thinking. If you can do better, then go ahead.

There is true and there is false. Accept it and move on, and don’t complain when people don’t pat you on the head and tell you how “valid” your beliefs are.

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