Why Knock Christians?


Peggeen here. Since Square Peg gave me a chance to post on his blog, I’ve been surprised at the words boiling out of me.

Some people reading this blog might think that both Peg and I (who, by the way, don’t even know each other) are obsessed and venomous.

So far from true.

I never wanted to grind axes or butt heads with anybody. I prefer not to hate or even disparage. I just want to know what’s right and true. I’ve spent a lifetime hoping to find the truth that other people find in religion. I’ve studied. Read everything I could get my hands on. Gone to churches. Talked by the hour with believers. Cried out in the middle of the night to an unresponsive god. Seeking, always seeking. Always listening respectfully.

Until very recently. When I finally had enough.

You want to know why I’ve now come out — although anonymously — to knock Christians and Christianity?

Because not only does the evidence say that Christianity is delusion. But all my life Christians have knocked me, sometimes in the cruelest possible ways. And I’m finished being polite about it.

From infancy, Christians informed me that I was a worthless, sinful piece of shit. Christians told me god was spying on me 24 hours a day and making black marks in his big book every time I made the smallest slip-up. Christians gave me “holy” commands backed by “holy” punishments whose sole purpose was to control me through terror.

Sunday School teachers terrorized their little charges by telling us that any day now, any minute, all the good people (defined solely as those who shared their opinions) would disappear, leaving only us bad ones behind, even leaving little children like us alone to fend for ourselves in a world filled with criminals and sinners.

More recently, Christians have called me a fool for questioning their holy book. When I got no response from their god, they’ve called me stubborn. Every time one of their dogmas failed, they blamed me, my evil, my sinfulness, my … humanness.

Always, there has been the falsely cheery “Jesus loves you!” followed, sometimes within seconds, by the much more sincere, “You’re going to burn in hell forever!”

Yes, yes, I know somebody’s going to say that’s not the real spirit of god. That the “real” spirit of god is sunshine, unicorns, teddy bears and LOOOOOOVE.

Well, buddy, have you really read your bible? Read the OT, then tell me all about all that kind, gentle teddy-bear looooooove.

I’m tired of lies: “Seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.” I’m tired of supposedly intelligent people whose quality of persuasion would get them flunked out of Logic 101. People who contradict themselves at every turn. People who don’t know their own scriptures. People who have never studied history and have no idea at all about the corruption, murder, and imperial politics that formed their own church’s history. People who think that, in the face of horrific facts, they can win me with a combination of bland platitudes and terroristic threats.

People who then call me names and wish eternal pain upon me simply because they can’t persuade me to agree with their opinions.

In short, I’m tired of being polite and respectful toward arrogant, hate-filled people.

Even now — now that I’m finally speaking out — I can speak only anonymously, because if I even mention in passing that I’m not a believer, it’s a sure thing that religionists will descend on me, damning me to hell in amazingly gleeful smugness.

So yeah. I’m angry. Angry at having been terrorized, threatened, lied to, and constantly put down by Christians. I was willing to leave you in peace with your beliefs, but you didn’t have the decency to respond in kind.

So may I politely say f&^%$ck you and the foul religion you rode in on.

2 Responses to “Why Knock Christians?”

  1. justasqpeg Says:

    You go!

    Oh, but see, those black marks can be erased if you just “give your life to Jesus and trust him”. Oh, and you have to ignore a lot of things the Bible actually says, too, so that you don’t get confused and discover you were never really “saved” in the first place.

    I have always said that the reason I hate Christianity (and, by extension, all religious delusions) is that it has been used to bludgeon me throughout my life. By people who don’t even realize what they are doing or what they are defending.

    I would be perfectly happy to ignore Christianity and never say another word about it. Yet, its legion of advocates won’t leave me alone. They use their beliefs as justification for every imaginable cruelty against me or anyone else who isn’t “doctrinally pure”- according to them. And every stinking time you get into a discussion with them (at their insistence), your disagreement is always because you didn’t use the Bible translation that they prefer.

    Just a couple of weeks ago I got pulled into a discussion by someone who keeps insisting I have to have faith. She kept harping on things the Bible says, so I mentioned a few of the things that get missed by the cherry-pickers. She said “What Bible are you reading, because that stuff is NOT in the Christian Bible!” Yes. It really is. Your Bible is disgusting and evil. That fact can only be missed through willful effort and faith-blindness.

  2. squarepeggeen Says:

    “You have to have faith.”

    “How do I get it?”

    “Only god can give it to you.”

    “And if god chooses not to give me faith?”

    “Then you’re a eeeeeeevil sinner who’ll burn in hell forever and it’ll be all your own fault!!!!!”

    I’d say that woman sounds like a real piece of work. But what she sounds like is a typical Christian. Which means also a perfect example of the Kruger-Dunning effect: http://new.exchristian.net/2012/07/ignorance-begets-confidence-dunning.html

    If she ever actually reads her “holy book,” she’ll be in for one hell of a shock!

    Thanks for the validation, Peg. I didn’t want to presume to speak for you, but I was pretty sure that you also don’t want to spend your life “attacking” Christians. Amazing that they never see how aggressive they are toward US.

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