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Religions of death

June 23, 2017

If your religion requires death, your religion is disgusting.

Doesn’t matter if it is the death of infidels, the death of God’s son on a cross, the death of sacrificial animals. the death of captured warriors, the death of heretics, or the death of atheists.

If your religion requires death, your religion is disgusting.


“The Resurrection” is meaningless

May 24, 2017

Christians latch onto their belief that Jesus did the impossible by coming back from the dead as proof of his divinity, and believe everything else they claim to believe must then be true.

But, why?

Yeah, it might have seemed like a miracle (if it actually even happened), but how many people have been declared dead in modern times, only to come back? Probably hundreds. Many of them while on a slab in the morgue, not during an attempt at reviving them.

These are people declared dead by modern doctors, not by primitives without medical training or experience. I would assume it is much less likely for a modern doctor to mistakenly declare someone dead than some untrained people without the medical instruments to measure imperceptible bodily processes. And, that it would be an easy mistake for the average person to make, even today.

Returning from the dead doesn’t make someone a god now, and it didn’t prove someone was a god back then. It’s just more wishful thinking.

You don’t say…

October 27, 2016

The headline says “Religious and Supernatural Belief Linked With Poor Understanding of the Physical World“.

I could have told them that. From hundreds of discussions with believers of every sort, that is the one unifying feature I have noticed in them all.

And where their poor understanding leaves holes, they fill the holes with “beliefs”.

I recommend reading the article linked above. It may give you insight into your believer friends and family, and may just make you feel a bit sorry for them.

It’s his fanclub that’s the problem…

July 1, 2016

I have frequently seen Muslims referred to as “Mo’s morons“. And I have wondered whether “Allah’s a**holes” might not be more fitting.

But Mohammed and Allah don’t have a monopoly on vile followers.

I have often encountered “Jesus’s jerks” and “God’s goons“, too.

“God” is…

June 10, 2016

To Christians (and possibly some other people) “God” is an imagined consciousness which can experience all things everywhere at all times, and which has absolute power over all those things and events, and the spacetime in which they exist.

Who to feel smugly superior to?

June 6, 2016

Some people were debating the Garden of Eden story, and whether it was evil for God to punish Adam and Eve for disobeying God when it wasn’t possible for them to understand “wrong” until after they did it, since the fruit they ate gave them the “knowledge of good and evil” which they lacked before. Obviously, without it, there is no way they could have known that to disobey was “wrong”. It’s a fatal flaw in the story.

But, as long as you don’t take it seriously, as though it’s reality, it isn’t a problem.

I pointed out that the debate was what happens when people believe fairy tales.

So, of course, one of the religious commenters asked “…without theists, who would you have to feel smugly superior to?

Wow, what an easy question to answer! Here’s a short list:

Flat Earthers.
Those who try to justify theft and aggression.
People who believe in homeopathy.
Those who pledge allegiance to a flag and believe government militaries are “fighting for our freedom”.
People who believe in astrology.
People who believe Bernie Sanders knows what he’s talking about.
And probably a lot more.

They really need to think it through before they ask such a simple question.

Atheists can be more Christian than Christians

May 26, 2016

It’s sad when an atheist has to point out to Christians how unchristian they are acting. Or when he bites his tongue instead of pointing it out to them.

That’s the position I have found myself in recently.

A house 2 doors down from my parents has sold and is being used to house seasonal workers from Mexico. My parents hate Mexicans (although they’d deny it if asked point blank).

So, they have been trying to use the force of the State to get the people kicked out.

Bear in mind that my parents will complain when the force of the State gets in their way of doing what they want. Liberty for me but none for thee?

I don’t remember anywhere in the Bible anything about sending the government after foreigners, or “securing the borders”, or anything like that. I do remember some things about loving your enemy- even though these people from Mexico have been nothing but polite, so I can’t figure out how they can be considered enemies. They just are too numerous and have too many cars, I suppose.

I guess Christian neighborliness ends at imaginary government lines, and depends for its existence on how many there are and how they park their cars.

I am embarrassed for my parents and wish they could see themselves through my eyes.

God is narcissistic

January 24, 2016

God. If he were real, he would be the poster boy for narcissism.

I mean, just look at the stories about him: He creates the world, then demands constant praise for doing so. For billions of years (so far) after doing so. Not just praise, but outright worship! Never ending.

Then, if someone doesn’t provide the eternal, constant adoration he demands, he will punish them eternally. In the most cruel manner he could dream up.

He created the Universe for himself, alone. No one asked him to do it. If he hadn’t, no one would have ever been doomed to Hell. Most humans would be infinitely better off by never having existed. And that’s if you ignore the pain and suffering that goes along with being alive.

Obviously, God as described by believers would be mentally ill. Undeserving of admiration.  Worthy of contempt and pity.

I think narcissism as a diagnosis is being kind. What would God’s complete psychological diagnosis be? I did do a quick search and didn’t see that anyone has ever diagnosed his problem. But they should. And then figure out what that means about those inclined to worship him.

Teeth vs god

January 6, 2016

Need more evidence that god’s existence is imaginary?

Look no further than teeth.

Teeth show god’s nonexistence.

Teeth and modern dentistry show that god couldn’t plan ahead (or couldn’t see ahead. Either answer works)- he didn’t know what our modern diet would be like and that we’d be living so much longer. He made teeth vulnerable to decay and wear, and made them non-replaceable.

And god is apparently unwilling to fix his mistake now by making teeth decay-proof and/or replaceable through divine intervention (which could have been disguised as evolution).

And that’s not the only obvious mistake he made.

You have the digestive system and metabolism, which in the modern (and apparently unforeseen) world with our new (relatively) diet results in obesity and other health problems.

So many things an omniscient, omnipotent god should have seen coming and planned for, or should have fixed when they came up. And yet didn’t.

Evil or powerless?

On the other hand, considering the alternative- that we evolved without any plan beyond “survive until you can reproduce”- completely explains why our bodies are unprepared for the modern realities, and haven’t had time to adapt.

Science will eventually fix what god screwed up- unless you admit god is imaginary.

The value of religion

January 3, 2016

I understand that belief in a god might have some value.

And that the same could be said for going through the rituals of worship services- whether a god is believed in or not.

I know the value of community that can be had by belonging, and by believing in something/someone watching out for you.

After my daughter died, my parents- who are active church members- got many sympathy cards. I got 4. I think. My parents were offered lots of food (they turned down the offers because we all had to travel to the services and the food would have been wasted). My parents’ church did give me a Thanksgiving box, probably because my parents were involved.

I got lots of love and support from online acquaintances and friends, but almost none locally.

So, I see the value.

I just can’t become a part of that community when I don’t believe in their imaginary friend. As much as I might sometimes want the support system that comes with it. I know from previous experience I can’t keep my mouth shut when absurd claims- lacking in scientific understanding, historical evidence, or simple logic- are made. I can be a pain. So I might not get much support anyway.

In this area, if you want a social life you must belong to a church, be a sports fan, or worship government. I do none of those so I am on my own.