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The dirtiest trick

October 28, 2018

For decades I’ve heard Christians saying “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist”.

Well, god did him one better.

The greatest trick god ever pulled, if he had been real, was convincing the world he’s the good guy, when the stories in his book show quite clearly that can’t be true.

Anti-evolutionists help arguments for evolution

October 21, 2018

Some of the best witnesses for the truth of evolution are the “arguments” of those who don’t accept it.

They get almost everything wrong. They don’t understand what evolution means, how it works, what it is, or the evidence for it.

When they explain their opposition to evolutionary science they do nothing but show their total lack of understanding.

Then they’ll say “I have a degree; I took science courses. I understand what science is and what it isn’t.” And then expect you to bow to their superior knowledge and accept their (usually, religious) pronouncements on evolutionary science.

And, quite often, they’ll call anyone who sees through their utter ignorance a “Darwinist”, or even a “Darwinian atheist“! And make acceptance of evolutionary evidence out to be a false religion. Yikes! How scary!

They aren’t the reason I acknowledge the reality of evolution. But they are the reason I can’t take their anti-evolution side seriously.

If you have some actual evidence, show it. Just one piece of real proof, which withstands scrutiny, could falsify evolution. Just one. But after years and years of asking for this evidence, they’ve shown nothing but misunderstanding and ignorance. Sad little superstitionists.