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Will flattery get you anywhere?

February 28, 2018

It is bewildering to me why people praise God when someone is suffering. As if flattering God will cause him to intervene and help the sufferer. Maybe they actually believe it will.

In my family there have been a few recent examples. A couple of them went ahead and died after people said God was healing them. (“Praise Him and His wisdom”) One guy is suffering now, but may actually recover. I guess God liked the flattery this time, but not the other times.

God is vile.

RIP, Billy Graham

February 23, 2018

All I’ll say is that he wasn’t the least surprised by the lack of an afterlife.

Flat Earth and Creationism

February 17, 2018

Recently one of my relatives was shocked to discover there are “Flat Earth” believers out there.

She thinks they are just messing with everyone because no one could actually believe such a thing. Not in the year 2018.

Yet, this person believes a personal God created the Universe in 6 days 6000 or so years ago, with all animals in their present forms. And made humans out of mud and rib bones.

Neither belief is any more rational than the other. They are both crazy beliefs without any basis in reality.