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7 billion+ gods

January 31, 2018

No two people worship (or believe in) the same god.

They would argue against this fact. They might hate you for pointing it out. Some probably don’t realize they worship their own individual god- a god they don’t share with anyone else on the planet.

People get past this by grouping with others whose gods are similar enough they can pretend it’s the same god. And by avoiding any mention of things which would expose the singular nature of each person’s god.

If the differences get exposed in a way that’s impossible to ignore, some people will break away and form their own group with those whose gods are mostly compatible (for now).

Everyone makes up a god that they can live with. A god whose opinions mesh with those of its creator. That way when the person does horrible things, they can claim it wasn’t horrible because god says it is something they should do. Gods often approve of being monstrous toward people who obviously worship other gods, at least according to the people who carry out god’s evil preferences.

I’m not going to kill anyone over the god they worship, as long as they don’t try to kill or attack or rob me on the instructions of the god between their ears.

May you each create a decent, humane god, rather than the more popular kind.