“The Resurrection” is meaningless


Christians latch onto their belief that Jesus did the impossible by coming back from the dead as proof of his divinity, and believe everything else they claim to believe must then be true.

But, why?

Yeah, it might have seemed like a miracle (if it actually even happened), but how many people have been declared dead in modern times, only to come back? Probably hundreds. Many of them while on a slab in the morgue, not during an attempt at reviving them.

These are people declared dead by modern doctors, not by primitives without medical training or experience. I would assume it is much less likely for a modern doctor to mistakenly declare someone dead than some untrained people without the medical instruments to measure imperceptible bodily processes. And, that it would be an easy mistake for the average person to make, even today.

Returning from the dead doesn’t make someone a god now, and it didn’t prove someone was a god back then. It’s just more wishful thinking.

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