Atheists can be more Christian than Christians


It’s sad when an atheist has to point out to Christians how unchristian they are acting. Or when he bites his tongue instead of pointing it out to them.

That’s the position I have found myself in recently.

A house 2 doors down from my parents has sold and is being used to house seasonal workers from Mexico. My parents hate Mexicans (although they’d deny it if asked point blank).

So, they have been trying to use the force of the State to get the people kicked out.

Bear in mind that my parents will complain when the force of the State gets in their way of doing what they want. Liberty for me but none for thee?

I don’t remember anywhere in the Bible anything about sending the government after foreigners, or “securing the borders”, or anything like that. I do remember some things about loving your enemy- even though these people from Mexico have been nothing but polite, so I can’t figure out how they can be considered enemies. They just are too numerous and have too many cars, I suppose.

I guess Christian neighborliness ends at imaginary government lines, and depends for its existence on how many there are and how they park their cars.

I am embarrassed for my parents and wish they could see themselves through my eyes.

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