Teeth vs god


Need more evidence that god’s existence is imaginary?

Look no further than teeth.

Teeth show god’s nonexistence.

Teeth and modern dentistry show that god couldn’t plan ahead (or couldn’t see ahead. Either answer works)- he didn’t know what our modern diet would be like and that we’d be living so much longer. He made teeth vulnerable to decay and wear, and made them non-replaceable.

And god is apparently unwilling to fix his mistake now by making teeth decay-proof and/or replaceable through divine intervention (which could have been disguised as evolution).

And that’s not the only obvious mistake he made.

You have the digestive system and metabolism, which in the modern (and apparently unforeseen) world with our new (relatively) diet results in obesity and other health problems.

So many things an omniscient, omnipotent god should have seen coming and planned for, or should have fixed when they came up. And yet didn’t.

Evil or powerless?

On the other hand, considering the alternative- that we evolved without any plan beyond “survive until you can reproduce”- completely explains why our bodies are unprepared for the modern realities, and haven’t had time to adapt.

Science will eventually fix what god screwed up- unless you admit god is imaginary.

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