Who’s stalking whom?


When I read a person’s religious blog post or Facebook post, I don’t comment. I just move on to something else.

However, I notice religious people simply can’t bring themselves to do the same. Or so it appears.

Anywhere they think they can insert their religion, they do.

Constantly, after I comment on someones science post, or their religion-mocking post, religious people come running.

I posted a nice picture of myself wearing my Halloween costume yesterday. Nothing evil or Satanic, even. But the very first comment was to tell me that I was now going to spend eternity in Hell. Because I wore a costume on Halloween, which meant I was participating in a Satanic ritual.

My reply was that any Supreme Being who would see this as the deciding factor isn’t one I want to be near, anyway. And after the Christian made more comments about those who celebrate Halloween, I posted the following meme:

Once again I laugh at the “Christian persecution”.

When I was a participant in their religion- and fully lived it- I never felt persecution (even though I was constantly surrounded by those saying how persecuted we were). Once I came out as an atheist, the persecution truly began. But it’s worth it.

I constantly read Christians commenting about how atheists are always trying to push their opinion on Christians, in rude ways, and can never just let them express their faith in peace. Really? That’s not what I see happening, not in real life nor online (although I know atheists may comment on things after I have moved on). But post one “atheist” (reality based) comment and see who comes out of the woodwork.

I’ll continue to be the bigger person; the more polite person. Unlike the majority of those Christians who dissolve into profane fits when someone continues to point out the gigantic holes in their premises, I won’t call them obscene names or wish eternal torture on them. I won’t tell them that after we die we’ll see who’s right and they’ll be sorry (after we are dead, neither of us will be seeing anything nor feeling anything).

But, when minding my own business and being confronted with in-your-face religious people, I will not be silent. I’ll just be polite while making them look like idiots.

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