What religion is good for- seriously


I am on religion overload.

Friday morning there was a death in the family. An elderly great-uncle. So all weekend there were gatherings and a funeral- all of which (of course) turned into church services and a chance to tell each other how wonderful god is, and joke about what the dead guy is now doing in heaven. The consensus is that he’s playing piano, cracking jokes, and explaining baseball to god.

I was nice and didn’t laugh in anyone’s face, nor did I say anything reasonable to them. As soon as the crazy would start coming out of someone’s mouth I clammed up.

I did have a realization.

Religion keeps the stupid people content and comforted.

I realize that religious people can be otherwise intelligent, but you can’t overlook the exception.

Someone who is a realist about machinery, weather, cause and effect, and things like that can put it all aside where their religious beliefs are concerned. It’s bizarre.

I understand that people need comfort. Delusions can help.

I also understand how seeing the dead body and not seeing how something like the animation and life can simply end- just like children learn that mommy is still there, hiding behind the blanket while playing peek-a-boo- leads to the feeling that the life is still somewhere when it isn’t seen in the body anymore. Stories are created to explain where that life goes when you can’t see it.

I also believe there is a bit of mutual faith propping going on. It’s easier to keep believing something odd if everyone around keeps repeating the same ideas to each other. It sounds less crazy if everyone around it saying it. Or, it does to some people.

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