The Creationist’s complaint


Was at a museum recently, and one of the people in my group was commenting about it as we left. Said she enjoyed it all until she came to the displays on evolution. She’s a Creationist. And a teacher for area-wide “public schools”.

If you are a Creationist, you are not qualified to teach kids science. Period.

It’s just like if you don’t believe that adding positive numbers together results in a larger number than either of the ones you added, you aren’t qualified to teach math.

You can have an opinion (which is WRONG) about those subjects, but you’re an idiot and not qualified to pass yourself off as any kind of teacher figure.

I wanted to ask her “Explain all the reasons you choose to discount science, besides the Bible”. Because I have a lot of independent reasons I believe that evolution occurred, is occurring, and will continue to occur as long as life as we know it exists.

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