Reality to the religious


When someone is religious- particularly when they self-identify as a “religious extremist”- you shouldn’t be surprised when their grasp of other aspects of reality is somewhat tenuous.

Case in point: In a discussion with someone who called himself a “religious extremist”, and who also says Christianity has become the opposite of what it originally was (but he has the Key, doncha know), he made the claim that gravity is imaginary.

I responded that gravity isn’t imaginary. It can be measured. It has predictable effects. Gravity has to be measured and accounted for in architecture, space travel, air travel, jumping motorcycles over buses, and a great many other things. I realize that it isn’t really understood yet- it seems to be a warping of spacetime by mass, making objects move toward the warping as their “shortest distance between two points”, but no one really knows how it works (hence, no “anti-gravity”). But, not understanding something completely isn’t the same thing as it being imaginary (“existing only in the imagination”).

He had made a big deal about some things being “tangible” and the rest being “imaginary”, saying he didn’t make up those definitions; he just reported them as his dictionary described.

I would agree that gravity isn’t “tangible”. You can’t touch it, although you certainly can feel it.

In a response he went on to say that “imaginary” is the same thing as “abstract” and that distance, time, weight, momentum, area, and energy are all abstractions, and therefore imaginary. Perhaps he’s right about time, if quantum physics is right. Maybe not. But, if he believes all those things are imaginary he won’t survive long- unless he acts in opposition to his beliefs.

The more he writes, the more I see him as someone who doesn’t “believe in” anything- one of those who says there is no real way to know anything. It’s one thing to “question everything”- it’s quite another to do as he is doing and come to the conclusions he has come to.

As I say, when someone is religious it can be a clue that their grasp of reality isn’t what it should be, and you might want to slowly back away.

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