The “Electric Universe model”. LOL


Creationism isn’t the only “science” based in silliness and religious-type assertions.

The Electric Universe “theory” is another one.

Because there are still cosmological unknowns, and because (apparently) some people don’t like “the standard model” (AKA science) they got together and mixed some wishful thinking, some speculation, some half-baked hypotheses, and took advantage of the fact that many people don’t like “the arrogance of scientists”, and came up with this quackery.

Just like Dr. Malcolm’s Wichita Snake Oil, their “theory” is said to cure everything, no matter how unconnected the conditions might really be. This is a classic sign of “woo”.

Here, look over their “FAQs”¬†(it is short and easy) to see if you can see the religious nature of their claims, and how they “answer” questions without actually saying anything that means anything. Think of it as an exercise in discerning science from snake oil.

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