Madonna’s Satanic Illuminati Award Show Ritual Symbolism


Hey, weirdos: Stop imagining that everything you see on the shows you choose to watch is “Satanic”.

Satan is imaginary, so even if performers are doing “Satanic” things to shock you, it’s harmless. More harmless than your belief in imaginary beings, anyway.

If you are going to go off about Madonna’s “Satanic, Illuminati rituals” every single time she’s on an award show, maybe you could just turn off your TV. Or at least change the channel. Really. You’d benefit greatly from doing that. I promise.

Unless her “symbolism” excites you and strengthens your belief in your magical bearded guy in the sky. In that case, enjoy. But stop embarrassing yourself by analyzing these trivial things to death. Probably if she really does do these things intentionally, it’s just to get your goat and make you hyperventilate. Your fears are silly.

Get a life- a real life based on reality. It’s so much more fulfilling and awesome.

My disappointment in Madonna is that she aged and became boring after her cute and sexy “Material Girl” phase. Maybe she’s trying to make up for that by getting weirdos like you to obsess over her every move and boost her ratings.

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