Stupid Creationists and their empty memes


The anti-evolution/Creationist stupid hurts my brain.

Meme in point:


The “There are millions of these” is wrong. All of “those” are now extinct, and have been for millions of years. That’s not a chimp, moron.

And, you might want to update your numbers- there are Billions of modern humans- not merely “millions” of us.

Now, what about the “Between species”? Look at the fossils. They are well represented. Sure, not if you listen to Creationist hucksters, but don’t listen to them Do the research for yourself. You’ll either be surprised, or you’ll stay ignorant. Your choice.

And, how many times do you Creationists have to be told that “theory” doesn’t mean what you want to believe it means. It doesn’t mean “guess”. In science, the word “theory” has a specific meaning. It means an idea which has so far survived every attempt to disprove it through the scientific method. It is as firm- as proven– as it is possible for anything to be in science.

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