Taking god seriously


Around here, in the middle of the Bible Belt, everything has to be about god. Seriously. Nothing can be discussed without the god angle. My eyes get sore from rolling.

But, I can sort of understand.

If god were real, then he would be the most important thing. In fact, I would say that if god were real, no one here takes him seriously enough.

Not only should they reference him in everything, but they should be murdering their disobedient kids, homosexuals, and those who eat shellfish- just as he demands of them. They should give away everything they own and hate their family, just like Jesus told them to. The women should never cut their hair, wear makeup or jewelry, or speak in church. They should act as though their life- and beyond- depends on them doing these things.

But, it’s so much easier to talk about how god has blessed your kids (and how much your ignorant little children “love god”), helped you through a loved one’s death, or made it rain. Without doing the evil (or silly) things he demands of you. Or to say that “those things are from the Old Testament and Jesus replaced them“, ignoring Jesus’ own declaration that he did no such thing.

If god were real, and if the local religionists actually believed it, then they should make everything about god. But they want to have their cake and eat it, too. They want to talk about god, and change their lives in big, yet trivial, ways. They want to look “holy” to the others doing the same thing- and maybe compete with each other a little and see who can talk about god the most. But they aren’t willing to do the hard stuff. Why is that?

I think it’s because, in the deepest, darkest parts of their mind, they know it’s a role playing game.

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