Real Christians- and annoying Muslims on the news


My, my , my… Anytime I say something about how the Christians I know/have known act, I’ll have someone say some variation of:

“I can almost guarantee that you have never met a real Christian… you have probably met hundreds or even thousands who claim to be, but they were only what their “preachers” made them/taught them to be.”

Yes, I realize this is just a version of “No true Scotsman“, but they keep using it without seeing the absurdity of doing so.

This time I was pointing out that I have never, personally, had a Muslim treat me badly using Islam as their excuse, and that I can’t say the same about Christians. The thing is, I was basically saying I am really tired of Islam- or at least how it is portrayed on “news” reports, but mentioning Christianity was enough to derail the whole conversation.

Another ironic thing is, the person who made that comment would have the same said about him by the vast majority of the Christians I have known- that he can’t be a “real Christian” because he doesn’t adhere to some of their non-negotiables.


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