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Stupid Creationists and their empty memes

January 29, 2015

The anti-evolution/Creationist stupid hurts my brain.

Meme in point:


The “There are millions of these” is wrong. All of “those” are now extinct, and have been for millions of years. That’s not a chimp, moron.

And, you might want to update your numbers- there are Billions of modern humans- not merely “millions” of us.

Now, what about the “Between species”? Look at the fossils. They are well represented. Sure, not if you listen to Creationist hucksters, but don’t listen to them Do the research for yourself. You’ll either be surprised, or you’ll stay ignorant. Your choice.

And, how many times do you Creationists have to be told that “theory” doesn’t mean what you want to believe it means. It doesn’t mean “guess”. In science, the word “theory” has a specific meaning. It means an idea which has so far survived every attempt to disprove it through the scientific method. It is as firm- as proven– as it is possible for anything to be in science.

Islam is bad, therefore Christianity wins?

January 20, 2015

The evidence that Islam is a primitive aggressive religion in no way automatically justifies everything anything in Christianity.

That’s like saying that because Republicans are nasty liberty hating bigots it proves Democrats are¬†wonderful.

Both can be disgusting, even if one is worse today.

But I keep seeing Christians celebrating the abuses of Islam as if they believe showing how evil Islam is automatically verifies their goodness. It doesn’t. It’s not an either/or situation.

Taking god seriously

January 17, 2015

Around here, in the middle of the Bible Belt, everything has to be about god. Seriously. Nothing can be discussed without the god angle. My eyes get sore from rolling.

But, I can sort of understand.

If god were real, then he would be the most important thing. In fact, I would say that if god were real, no one here takes him seriously enough.

Not only should they reference him in everything, but they should be murdering their disobedient kids, homosexuals, and those who eat shellfish- just as he demands of them. They should give away everything they own and hate their family, just like Jesus told them to. The women should never cut their hair, wear makeup or jewelry, or speak in church. They should act as though their life- and beyond- depends on them doing these things.

But, it’s so much easier to talk about how god has blessed your kids (and how much your ignorant little children “love god”), helped you through a loved one’s death, or made it rain. Without doing the evil (or silly) things he demands of you. Or to say that “those things are from the Old Testament and Jesus replaced them“, ignoring Jesus’ own declaration that he did no such thing.

If god were real, and if the local religionists actually believed it, then they should make everything about god. But they want to have their cake and eat it, too. They want to talk about god, and change their lives in big, yet trivial, ways. They want to look “holy” to the others doing the same thing- and maybe compete with each other a little and see who can talk about god the most. But they aren’t willing to do the hard stuff. Why is that?

I think it’s because, in the deepest, darkest parts of their mind, they know it’s a role playing game.

The Prophet, His Holiness, My Lord and Savior: Punxsutawney Phil (or whoever)

January 14, 2015

Anyone other than a Muslim calling Muhammed/Mohammed “The Prophet” just sounds silly; like they are bending over backwards to make Muslims feel special.

It’s just like non-Catholics calling the pope “His Holiness”, or non-Christians calling Jesus “My Lord and Savior”, or a jawa calling the Emperor “Master”.

If it’s not your religion, why do that?

I refuse to do any of those.

Blasphemy! Ouch!

January 13, 2015

“Blasphemy” – A painful encounter with someone speaking reality and truth which is dangerous to your beliefs.

Real Christians- and annoying Muslims on the news

January 12, 2015

My, my , my… Anytime I say something about how the Christians I know/have known act, I’ll have someone say some variation of:

“I can almost guarantee that you have never met a real Christian… you have probably met hundreds or even thousands who claim to be, but they were only what their “preachers” made them/taught them to be.”

Yes, I realize this is just a version of “No true Scotsman“, but they keep using it without seeing the absurdity of doing so.

This time I was pointing out that I have never, personally, had a Muslim treat me badly using Islam as their excuse, and that I can’t say the same about Christians. The thing is, I was basically saying I am really tired of Islam- or at least how it is portrayed on “news” reports, but mentioning Christianity was enough to derail the whole conversation.

Another ironic thing is, the person who made that comment would have the same said about him by the vast majority of the Christians I have known- that he can’t be a “real Christian” because he doesn’t adhere to some of their non-negotiables.

Between a rock and another rock

January 8, 2015

“Muslim or Christian” is a false choice, just like “Democrat or Republican”.

I hate Islam for what its worst followers do just as i hate Christianity for what its worst followers do.

On a global scale Muslims seem to be worse, but on the scale of my life I never encounter Muslims; only Christians- who try to control my life with their twisted religion-based laws, just like I am told the Muslims want to do.

I’m hard on Christians, but it’s only because they are the only religious folk actively trying to shove their superstition down my throat. I don’t like Islam, either, so, I feel like posting this: