He can’t be serious…


Just when I think religionists have reached the lowest depths of stupidity, one will go to great lengths to surprise me.

After a long, drawn out comment sucking up to cops and the state- and referencing Romans 13 in support of his fawning love for both- I commented that the Bible supports genocide, slavery, and superstition, not freedom and liberty as he claimed.

It was just too much for him.

“The ‘Genocide’ that you refer to according to the Bible itself was against Giant Hybrid soulless Creatures who invaded the old world and sought to corrupt the human race. Plenty of biblical and archaeological evidence for this.”

Well, sure, if by “plenty” you mean “none, whatsoever”.

Oh, but that’s not all.

There was no slavery in the Bible, according to this guy.

“…prisons did not exist, if you owed a debt, they put you to work.”

Oh, really?

Well, what do I know? I have only spent years reading the Bible, and understanding what I read. This guy says he is a high school dropout and his grandfather worked for the CIA (“saving lives”).

Obviously, if you are an atheist you know the Bible better than the guy who made those claims. Which is why you are an atheist and he isn’t. He would be funnier if he was joking. Unfortunately, this is the kind of “Christian” who supports the state.

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