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“If you could reason with religious people…”

November 30, 2014


I really like that quote. But it isn’t quite true.

Actually, you can reason with religious people- about everything except their religion.

You can explain math to them. You can teach them meteorology. They can learn to program spacecraft trajectories. But where their (and to a lesser extent, others’) religion is concerned, they can not be reasoned with. That is a reason-free zone partitioned off in their brain.

Belief in the government is another religion, as evidenced by this same phenomenon.

It’s still fun to demonstrate this fact by using reason against them and forcing them to show their hand.


November 28, 2014

I’m all for giving thanks- to those who actually deserve it.

There are those around every day who do things that I am thankful for. And I try to remember to not take them or their acts for granted, but to thank them.

And, I’ll do the same on Thanksgiving Day. It is nice to have a day set aside to stop and take a moment to remember those we may have overlooked.

Why do people believe thanks must be directed at imaginary sky things rather than those who actually deserve thanks? That is misdirected and shorts those who really show their love and appreciation by the things they do for you.