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A typical Christian lie against mean old atheists

August 10, 2014

dear atheist

I saw this on Facebook. Leave it to Christians to try to make the issue something other than what it is. Yes, they are lying. Again. Because they need to feel they are the sensitive, reasonable people who are only minding their own business, while the mean ol’ atheists try to stop them from doing what they want.

I call them on their BS.

If…“? I have no belief in your god or any other. There is no “if” about it- it’s what “atheist” means. Nice try, though.

Now, we get to the meat of the deception. Where this sweet little photoshop kid’s artist misses the entire point, intentionally. A vicious lie.

It’s not that I care if you pray (although I know you are praying to nothing but your own mind). What bothers me is that you insist I join you. You put me in the unhappy position of either giving the appearance of joining you in your ritual, or alienating friends and family.

That’s not very nice of you.

How would you respond (or feel) if someone wanted you to join hands and sing hymns to Obama or Sheriff Joe Arpaio? What if you were asked to join in prayer to Thor or Satan? Would you “care” then? It’s a lie to claim “that’s different“.

Go right ahead. Pray. But stop pressuring me to join in your ritual if you don’t want me to protest.

And if you’d stop imposing laws based upon your delusions, yeah, that would be great


Life is…

August 6, 2014

Yes, life reproduces and metabolizes and all that stuff. But I believe I have stumbled across another “definition” of life- a characteristic which might help identify extraterrestrial life forms.

Life is matter which rearranges matter into unpredictable forms.

You can look at the molecular structure of water and tell how it will crystallize, that it will exhibit surface tension and form droplets, and how it will react with other non-living matter.

You can’t tell what a honeycomb will look like by looking at a bee, or any part of a bee. You can’t look at a human and determine what he will create.