You CAN have it both ways. Apparently.


I was reading this thing about how hypocritical Muslims are because they don’t obey one big aspect of the Koran’s instruction. But, the thing is, they do obey the stuff they want to do.

It’s just like Christians.

Some claim that Romans 13 (among other verses) show they should comply with anything and everything government employees demand, while others claim the Bible is, from cover to cover, a condemnation of The State. You can’t have it both ways, but they apparently do anyway. That’s the difference between religion and reality.

In both cases their holy books are just scatterbrained enough that they can be used to justify polar opposite positions.

If your religion or it’s operating manual can be used to prop up just about anything you want, depending on the parts you quote today, I take that as a sign it is worthless for moral guidance. Or for anything other than mindless entertainment.

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