How do you deal with Doubt?


I saw a flyer from a local church which announced a program called “Relinquishing Doubt“. 

Why would anyone think that’s a good idea?

Doubt exists for a reason. It means you subconsciously recognize that something doesn’t add up; doesn’t seem right. It is an instinctive warning, to be ignored at great peril.

Doubt is good. It makes you seek facts which can remove the doubt. If doubt keeps returning that’s a sign you should pay closer attention to it.

Doubt should be satisfied, educated away, or even vindicated. It shouldn’t ever be “relinquished” unless you want to remain ignorant.

Of course, since religion has no facts with which to conquer doubt, they have to encourage their followers to relinquish it instead- as if they are stubbornly clinging to something they should turn loose of. Just another brick in the wall- the wall of “Why Religion is a really bad, dumb idea“.

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