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Isn’t that… “special”…?

May 15, 2014

Want to know what bewilders me? Of course you don’t, but if you read on I’ll tell you anyway.

It’s this insane trend of “I have a disease! I’m special!”

Some days it seems like almost every woman I know can’t stop talking about her “special” chronic pain condition or autoimmune disease.  On other days I realize it only seems like it’s “almost every woman I know” because the others aren’t continually droning on and on, so they get overlooked.

If these conditions really are this common these days, it seems like a really bad sign for the future of the species. Are there environmental triggers? Are some of these problems of a psychological nature? Is it a sign that human genes are degrading?

It also seems as if the vast majority of these “special” women are single. I’m not sure if there is causation or only correlation evident in that observation. It could be that women with these conditions are too pre-occupied or in too much pain to pursue relationships seriously. Or, that men aren’t interested in women who have these problems. Or, perhaps loneliness can cause (or exacerbate) these conditions.

Of course, it isn’t only women.

All the people who expect the world to orbit around their peanut allergies are part of the same trend. It’s like those who don’t want to see a gun.

It’s this addiction to victimhood which empowers government, and causes (some) people to call upon god/s. It’s almost as if they like to condemn themselves to failure by calling upon something that can’t help them so they won’t lose their specialness. If you solve the problem, where will you find your attention? What happens to your self-worth?

You CAN have it both ways. Apparently.

May 12, 2014

I was reading this thing about how hypocritical Muslims are because they don’t obey one big aspect of the Koran’s instruction. But, the thing is, they do obey the stuff they want to do.

It’s just like Christians.

Some claim that Romans 13 (among other verses) show they should comply with anything and everything government employees demand, while others claim the Bible is, from cover to cover, a condemnation of The State. You can’t have it both ways, but they apparently do anyway. That’s the difference between religion and reality.

In both cases their holy books are just scatterbrained enough that they can be used to justify polar opposite positions.

If your religion or it’s operating manual can be used to prop up just about anything you want, depending on the parts you quote today, I take that as a sign it is worthless for moral guidance. Or for anything other than mindless entertainment.

How do you deal with Doubt?

May 11, 2014

I saw a flyer from a local church which announced a program called “Relinquishing Doubt“. 

Why would anyone think that’s a good idea?

Doubt exists for a reason. It means you subconsciously recognize that something doesn’t add up; doesn’t seem right. It is an instinctive warning, to be ignored at great peril.

Doubt is good. It makes you seek facts which can remove the doubt. If doubt keeps returning that’s a sign you should pay closer attention to it.

Doubt should be satisfied, educated away, or even vindicated. It shouldn’t ever be “relinquished” unless you want to remain ignorant.

Of course, since religion has no facts with which to conquer doubt, they have to encourage their followers to relinquish it instead- as if they are stubbornly clinging to something they should turn loose of. Just another brick in the wall- the wall of “Why Religion is a really bad, dumb idea“.