Something smells dead…


Gravity is dead scientifically … all that is left is the weeping and PhD thrashing.

Oh, wait…  Oops, the original quote was “evolution is dead scientifically … all that is left is the weeping and PhD thrashing“, and it is just as silly as the first misquote.  Of course, it is from a religious delusionoid desperately trying to prop up a crumbling belief in god- crumbling due to there being fewer and smaller ignorance gaps in which a god could hide.

Show me where the theory of evolution (evolutionary science) is in trouble. Show me.  Don’t just tell me, or show off your complete lack of understanding of what science is or what it does.  Don’t tell me what you heard some religious guy say about his discovery of “Darwinism’s weak spot”.  Don’t just try to make the point that if you can make people doubt science they’ll have to become believers in your creation myth by default.  I know Wiccans who don’t “believe in” evolution.  Your delusion isn’t the only alternative.

Yet, no one can even begin to attempt to address my challenge without grasping at “woowoo” and misrepresenting science and misinterpreting new discoveries.  I see this day after day after day.  Delusionoids absolutely desperate to find some crack in science that allows their god to regain some control.  But it doesn’t happen except in their feverish brains.  It is really very sad.

Even if some new scientific discovery falsified evolution, it still doesn’t do anything to prop up your silly desire to prove your Sky Daddy.  Sorry.  And your belief that you can ignore reality and be taken seriously just makes me pity you.

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