Delusion- the acid that devours truth (temporarily)


I’m surprised I’m not bald.  Yet.  With all the hair pulling I should be doing.

Once again I have run across someone to whom science (the scientific method) is no better than belief in fairies or leprechauns.

This person, in the midst of a debate, claimed that there was zero evidence for the position I was espousing.  So, I did a quick search and provided a bunch of links to scholarly sources demonstrating the evidence.  Of course, that “doesn’t count” for some reason.

I run into this all the time with people who really “need” to believe in magic/superstition/religion.  No evidence is good enough, and it will all “not count” for one reason or another.

Also, in the same discussion, this person claimed that there were no examples of one of the fears (of those he was against) coming to pass.  So I gave two examples of just that- from memory.  And, obviously, those didn’t count either.  In fact he claimed that since one of the cases I mentioned happened a few years ago, it wasn’t current enough, and the other, since there were other circumstances involved, couldn’t be counted, either.  I could have found more with a short search, but didn’t bother.  I knew the drill.

When people are consumed by delusion they will go through any contortions imaginable to avoid seeing reality.

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