Christianity- for Life and Murder and Kindness and Torture!


Religion in general, and Christianity specifically, has been used to justify and endorse everything from peaceful anarchy to totalitarian dictatorships- and everything in between those two extremes- at one time or another.

And the particular system being justified or endorsed can be done so with pretty solid biblical authority if you just focus on the right passages. Such as the way “Christians” now claim “democracy” (or a “republic” if they remember the original US government and don’t see how it has evolved) is the Christian way to govern others to death.  (“The best form of government other than a Heavenly Monarchy headed by God”, I have been informed.)

That means that “biblical authority”, and the religion that claims it, is worthless.

The same goes for the secular religion of statism. The belief that “some” should rule over all is used to justify and endorse all manner of atrocities.  (But since there is really no difference I am not sure why I am trying to invent one.  Delusion = delusion.)

If your belief system can be used to justify and endorse anything- including polar opposites and every position in between, then it’s probably worthless.

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