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Moore, OK tornado: Death-by-tornado imminent? “Pray”?

May 22, 2013


So, Rhonda, you think none of the dead victims of this tornado were praying desperately?

I’ll bet if you could interview everyone who was caught in the storm- including the people who died– you’d find the percentages (alive vs dead) that prayed were identical.  Only an idiot could pretend that prayer made a difference to survival.

Plus, it isn’t that teachers “aren’t supposed to” pray- just that they aren’t supposed to make that a part of the professional part of their lives.  I do not believe surviving a tornado and saving as many young lives as possible is really part of the job description.  It’s “going above and beyond”.  It’s human.  Don’t cheapen it by giving credit where none is due.

I am so glad that many teachers managed to help protect and comfort the kids as the storm hit.  I am saddened by those who died.  Let’s celebrate reality here, not delusionoid wishful thinking.