“I’ll pray for you”


Sometimes I appreciate it when people say they will pray for me. Not when they are saying that as a way of saying “you’re wrong and will go to Hell, but I’ll pray that you see that you are wrong“, but when I am hurting and they say they’ll pray.

It just means they care. Maybe not enough to actually help. Maybe it isn’t anything that they can help with. No one owes me any help, but if they are willing to pray it means a little.

But they shouldn’t think they are actually doing much besides wishing me well.

If you were on a 6th floor balcony of a burning building, would you rather someone shout that they are praying for you, or would you prefer they get an adequate ladder that you can escape on?

One person doing beats a billion people praying.

2 Responses to ““I’ll pray for you””

  1. Carrie Ann Says:

    Recently a friend of mine’s house burned down. I watched as her post about it on Facebook filled up with comments from people saying ‘I’ll pray for you.’ Only a few people offering any help. I wasn’t really in a position to help and I wished that I had some kind of all-purpose phrase like “I’ll pray for you” that would make me feel like I was actually doing something and contribute to the person’s feeling better.. But I didn’t. So I had to settle for saying I was really sorry and glad they were okay.

    • justasqpeg Says:

      What you said held more real meaning. I hope she understood that. And, I hope she and her family are doing better.

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