“God bless our (genocidal, murderous rapist) troops”


One of the most disgusting, stupid, and self-deluding ideas that the religionists incubate is the idea that in a war, “God is on our side”.  No matter which side “your side” may happen to be.

Ridiculous, even if there were a “God”.

There is no “God’s side” in any war. Each individual act is either good or it is evil. Both types of acts will be committed on each “side” in any war. To pretend that your side is the good side is to ignore this fact.

In fact, I would say that a “good God”, if one existed, couldn’t choose sides in war at all because of this fact.  It doesn’t matter if you are the “Good Ol’ US of A” fighting the Islamo-Nazis.  Both militaries- through the individual acts of people associated with them- will commit a lot of evil and a few, random acts of goodness.

To claim your side is “god’s side” is to lie- to yourself and to anyone listening to you.

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