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“I’ll pray for you”

February 28, 2013

Sometimes I appreciate it when people say they will pray for me. Not when they are saying that as a way of saying “you’re wrong and will go to Hell, but I’ll pray that you see that you are wrong“, but when I am hurting and they say they’ll pray.

It just means they care. Maybe not enough to actually help. Maybe it isn’t anything that they can help with. No one owes me any help, but if they are willing to pray it means a little.

But they shouldn’t think they are actually doing much besides wishing me well.

If you were on a 6th floor balcony of a burning building, would you rather someone shout that they are praying for you, or would you prefer they get an adequate ladder that you can escape on?

One person doing beats a billion people praying.

Don’t reject reality for your god

February 15, 2013

In order to accept Christianity (or any religion) a person has to reject reality.

They have to reject astronomy, geology, biology, genetics, and history.  They even have to reject “right and wrong” in order to gloss over things their “god” wants them to do, and things he did.

And in place of reality they have to accept stories and explanations made up thousands of years ago by ignorant goat herders.

I don’t fault the goat herders, or even fault ignorance. Everyone is ignorant. But don’t celebrate or wallow in your ignorance. I fault people who should know better who refuse to advance beyond that Bronze Age world-view.

This is why speaking out against religion is important.

If you see someone looking down the barrel of a loaded gun, with their finger gripping the trigger, you really should tell them that what they are doing is dangerous. (Not only that, it is stupid, but they won’t want to hear it.)  If you see a person encouraging their child to look down the barrel of the same gun… well, I think you really should try to help the child.

And this is what brainwashing kids to believe in dangerous myths, in place of reality, amounts to. Sure, most religious people manage to keep their “religion module” separate from their “this is how things actually work” module. But you can’t count on that.

I’m not saying you should force people to raise children according to your wishes. I’m saying you need to see the brainwashing for what it is, and don’t be silent when you see it.  Child abuse, even if it is popular, is still child abuse.  Religious reality denial isn’t the initiation of force, so you shouldn’t use force against the mentally abusive parent, but it is a case of “do what you know is right and accept the consequences”.  At least offer the kids the wonder of reality.

“God bless our (genocidal, murderous rapist) troops”

February 14, 2013

One of the most disgusting, stupid, and self-deluding ideas that the religionists incubate is the idea that in a war, “God is on our side”.  No matter which side “your side” may happen to be.

Ridiculous, even if there were a “God”.

There is no “God’s side” in any war. Each individual act is either good or it is evil. Both types of acts will be committed on each “side” in any war. To pretend that your side is the good side is to ignore this fact.

In fact, I would say that a “good God”, if one existed, couldn’t choose sides in war at all because of this fact.  It doesn’t matter if you are the “Good Ol’ US of A” fighting the Islamo-Nazis.  Both militaries- through the individual acts of people associated with them- will commit a lot of evil and a few, random acts of goodness.

To claim your side is “god’s side” is to lie- to yourself and to anyone listening to you.