Ego boosters


I just ran into a comment that I have seen before, but I hadn’t thought about recently.

As a part of a long discussion someone had posted a horrified comment about how “evolutionists believe humans are apes!”

I pretty much said “so what?”

Later in the comment thread the Christian pounded that point once again, saying how demeaning it was to consider humans a species of ape, rather than a “special creation”, and this is why his view was “better”.

If that’s the case, why not follow one of the cults that claim each person is a god?  I mean, if we are judging ideas based upon how special they make the believers feel, wouldn’t this be a step above?  Maybe even the ultimate step?


Truth is truth, and it doesn’t matter if it hurts your feelings or makes you feel unimportant.  

For me, I like the fact that I have a heritage of belonging to the chain of life on this planet- stretching back to the the origin of that life.  How awesome is that?  How can Christians not feel awed by that?  I feel sorry for their need to claim to believe myths made up by ignorant (and barbaric) tribesmen during the Bronze Age.

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