That old Satan.  If he weren’t just as imaginary as his nemesis, then he’d be one smart guy.

He was smart enough to put fossils in the ground (dinosaur fossils are just “giant pig bones” according to a religionist I used to know) in order to fool people into believing in evolution and geology, and to doubt the Genesis fairy tale.

He was smart enough to teach people to celebrate the winter solstice just as soon as they noticed it so that many tens of thousands of years later Christians could claim that he did it in order to try to trick people away from celebrating “the reason for the season” of Christmas.  Never mind that the supposedly sacred event couldn’t have taken place around this time of the year.  And never mind that the Jesus story was just an obvious adaptation and mishmash of various similar, earlier, stories.

So, since I favor intelligence over arrogance, and since I can read the bible for myself and see with my own eyes who it was that was promoting genocide, murder, slavery and all other sorts of evil (like dashing the heads of babies into rocks), I know which one I’d probably prefer to hang out with.

If we were talking about anything other than a fairy tale.

I’ll now sit and ponder the other deep questions: Yoda or Chewbacca?  Han Solo or Indiana Jones?  George Burns’ “God” or Morgan Freeman’s “God”?

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