I don’t “believe”; I care


I love how I get lectured about my non-belief by people who live less “morally” than I do.  Seriously.

If you drink to great excess on a regular basis, cuss like a sailor, have indiscriminate sex, and chain smoke, then I envy you.  Wait, what I mean to say is that you really shouldn’t be lecturing me when I object to some offensive religious tripe I see on Facebook.  You aren’t credible.  I don’t really want to chain smoke anyway.

I objected to a horrifying poem celebrating the entry of the Sandy Hook Elementary murder victims into heaven, and was told that I only object because I don’t believe in heaven.  WTF?

That won’t wash.

I would have been just as horrified by that poem back during my “believer days”.

I was also scolded because I need to recognize that people need to believe they will be with their lost loved-ones again.  Otherwise the grief is overwhelming.  Yes, it is.  That is reality.  And through that grief maybe the rest of us will learn that the way to protect what you value is NOT to forbid people from protecting those precious lives with the best tools available.  I probably have too much optimism.

Back to the subject at hand… this isn’t the first time this has happened.  I have even been lectured, by people who were so drunk that they could barely form words, that I “just have to believe, because god loves you”.

Then god has a sick way of showing it.

Fortunately, I know god is imaginary, and the Universe doesn’t care about our planet, much less life, or any individual.  The job of caring rests with ME.  And I do.


One Response to “I don’t “believe”; I care”

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