Where’s the bias?


It is so obvious there is no consciousness, particularly nothing that could be called an “intelligence”, behind the workings of the Universe.

Not an evil one and certainly not a benevolent one. Any consciousness would give itself away with some sort of consistency, or a bias. I’m not speaking of things like laws of nature, but with events like people and their acts. Either there would be a preference for evil or a preference for good. A bias for one or the other. Such a preference is not a part of reality by any reality-based measure.

That preference only exists in the human mind. Some people prefer to do evil and some prefer to do good. But no part of the non-conscious Universe cares one way or the other. Any consciousness behind the scenes would have a bias and would show its hand- unless it were totally unaware of this planet’s existence or it simply didn’t care about humans one way or the other.

Either way it doesn’t bode well for the Delusionoids.  They have to resort to fairy tales about what happens after death to make it appear that there is such a bias.  And that’s just pathetic.

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