God’s guilt by association and complicity


Oh.  My. Reason.

I just read a blog post where someone was talking about the upcoming national mastur.. election.

He was asking whether people were apprehensive about it.  Then he said something about god being sovereign before America was (but countries are not sovereign, individuals are), so “we” shouldn’t worry.

He then ticked off a whole bunch of State atrocities and genocides and said “god was in control” during those events.  “Nothing slips by him; nothing is overlooked”.  Great.

So, obviously if “god was there” and “in control“; seeing all and “overlooking nothing“, he can’t do much to protect innocent individuals from evil, murderous individuals who gang together and call themselves “government”.  In fact, I would say that in any court of “law” or in any free market arbitration, god would be found to share in the fault.

God, if he were real, would share in the very real guilt of every murderer who pulled the trigger since he supposedly could stop the killer in uncountable ways, yet chooses not to.  He would share in the guilt of every murderous tyrant and dictator who he could have stopped, but chose not to.  I know I could do a better job if I were omnipotent and omniscient- just as anyone who is not evil to the core could.  The christian god is either imaginary or indescribably evil.  there is no third option.

Am I worried about the election?  No.  But only because I am sovereign.  I live in a region infested with people who think they have authority to run my life and make illegitimate laws criminalizing the act of running my own life.  They are my concern only as far as I must avoid interacting with them as I would any thug or gang member.  This would be the case anywhere in any era.

To me, an election is less than meaningless.

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