Aretae: A primer on Atheism


Aretae: A primer on Atheism  Go read it.  Maybe a little too “Aretae” for some, but still good.

I especially like “D”:

More aggressive folks in the atheist tradition argue:  The god of the Judeo-Christians is morally repugnant.  If such a being existed, it counts as monstrous.  Any sane modern would call its behavior evil.

Correct!  I must then be sane.



One Response to “Aretae: A primer on Atheism”

  1. Squarepeggeen Says:

    I thought “A” was pretty elegant: god is an unnecessary hypothesis. Amen.

    But agreed, if he did exist, committed the deeds the bible ascribes to him, and watches now as creatures suffer, then he would be the most evil being that ever touched the earth.

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