Ambushed from two sides


I sometimes wonder if it is harder to escape the indoctrination if you have been hooked by both statism and religionism.

I notice how many people are infected by both- usually intentionally- by their parents, “teachers”, and others they look up to.  I also notice that it seems harder for those who are infected by both to finally break free.

I know it is harder for a rational parent to fight off the attacks on a child’s mind when they come from both sides.  You can fight the brushfires of statism or those of religionism, but when forced to fight both you appear to be just a crank who opposes everything.

You can point out the origins and history of the national socialist “pledge of allegiance”- you can try to counter the pro-military propaganda, and the “trust the police-report your parents” indoctrination of DARE- but to also then have to fight off the mind-killing “god loves you and wants you to .…” sewage that is spewed by many of the same pro-state bigots… it is a complication that I don’t appreciate being forced to deal with.

I think the pro-state and religionoid delusions are mutually-reinforcing.  Together they make it difficult to break free of either one.

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