Teaching Christianity to children is child abuse!


Peggeen here. The longer I live, and the (hopefully) wiser I get, the more I believe that it’s abusive to indoctrinate children into religion. And that’s aside from shoving an insane fear of eternal punishment into their vulnerable little brains — though that, and the doctrine of original sin are certainly the worst of it.

Teaching little ones, before they are capable of critical thinking, that Mommy and Daddy believe that an invisible friend in the sky is both protecting us, spying on, and planning to squish us like bugs if we misbehave teaches delusion. Teaches subservience. Teaches dependency.

Add to that the myriad of other teachings ranging from merely fanciful to the utterly irrational (Jesus can turn water into wine and raise the dead, but he curses a fig tree for refusing to provide him with fruit out of season). And what you’ve got is some very damned unhealthy training of human minds.

Early indoctrination teaches us not to ask the hard questions. It teaches us to live with cognitive dissonance when, in fact we should be learning that dissonance signals the need to stop and examine our premises.

And of course you always have to come back to the sheer terror of it all. And the pervasive belief that we’re just little pieces of shit whose only job on earth is to worship, obey, and cringe before invisible authority.

How much better off we’d all be if our minds were left free of such pernicious nonsense. Then, once we reached adulthood, we could research, evaluate, and decide our view of religion for ourselves.

But of course …

Illustration source: The Atheist Meme Base.

One Response to “Teaching Christianity to children is child abuse!”

  1. justasqpeg Says:

    So true. Especially love the graphic!

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