Dems, Republicans, god, and grownups


So .. the Republicans (in the person of token mainstream Christian Paul Ryan) twitted the Democrats about — horrors! — their failure to put the word “god” in their party platform. Never mind that party platforms are, at best, a pack of damnable irrelevancies and never mind that god is imaginary.

The Dems — brave, independent thinkers that they are! — immediately added “god back in.

Where, oh where, oh where are the grownups in this world? The rational adults who don’t need invisible friends? Where on earth have they gone?

Where are the people who understand that the world is in deep, deep shit and “god” — let alone the mere word “god” — isn’t going to fix what needs fixing?

Has the entire world gone mad? Or is it just me?

2 Responses to “Dems, Republicans, god, and grownups”

  1. justasqpeg Says:

    Yeah, the world is mad, but it isn’t a new development at all. Otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing things of this sort now. Humans would have outgrown their need for masters of any sort long, long, LONG ago if a sizable percentage weren’t mad. Imaginary friends and governments go together like fleas and The Black Death.

  2. More on those horrible Democrats! « The Squarest Peg’s Blog Says:

    […] I know the political conventions are last week’s news. But I just have to do this follow-up to my earlier blog the political parties and god. […]

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