Which is worse? Both.


As much as I despise statism (the belief that “governing” is a legitimate activity) I recognize that the worst statism is that which is tainted by religion.

Remove the religious delusions and you don’t get Sharia Law, witch burnings, “vice” laws, and most of the rest of the evil things governments do.

You’d probably even eliminate most of the evil done by supposedly (according to the religious people) “atheistic” states like Nazi Germany and the USSR (and other Communist distopias).

Seriously?  Yes.  Because, at its heart, the belief in government IS a religion.  The State is the God.  This God grants access to Heaven (“cradle to grave” protection).  It also can condemn you to Hell (prison, or at least a marginalized existence).  It grants favors/answers “prayers”- or doesn’t, according to its whim.  It has the power of Life or Death.  It makes the Ten (Billion) Commandments that you are expected to know and obey.  There are rituals and sacraments and holy writings (which are cherry-picked as necessary to justify anything the God wants to do).

And, above all else, the God evaporates as soon as you stop believing in it.

So, really, there isn’t much of a distinction between the two delusions.

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