Don’t lie to my child to cover your ignorance!


Please don’t tell my daughter “God did it” when you don’t know the real reason.

She’s going through a “why” stage right now. When you answer a “why” question she immediately asks “why” about the answer. I can usually get through many levels before I get stumped and tell her I don’t have an answer.

One example from today:

Daughter: “Why was her face hurt?”

Me: “She fell down.”

D: “Why?”

Me: “Because she lost her balance. Sometimes when people get old they get weaker and it is harder for them to walk”

D: “Why?”

Me: “Because she is old and weak.”

D: “Why?”

Me: “Because she was born a very long time ago.”

D: “Why?”

Me: …

My mother interjects: “Because that’s when god decided she should be born.”

Grrr! No, that is just when she turned up in the genetic soup. “She” couldn’t have been born at any other time- that’s just when that particular sperm and that specific egg were available to unite and become her. “God” had nothing to do with it! But I just sat there and said nothing because my daughter stopped asking at that point.

I’m trying to come up with a strategy that stays polite, but nips this lying in the bud. Perhaps I will nicely correct what the delusionoid has said. If I do this every time, maybe they will see it only “makes things worse” when they lie the religious lies to an unsuspecting child who trusts what they say.

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