Random Brain Droppings


I have unlimited religious tolerance, but I have finite religious patience.

And my patience is running out.

I survived the reunion, and managed to keep my good humor in the face of an unending assault of religionism.  But it was by the skin of my teeth, no thanks to my dad.

I was peaceably sitting at a table after finishing my meal, watching the kids play, when my dad sat down.  No problem.  But then he invited a passing relative to sit with us.  This guy started his own church years ago because he couldn’t find one that suited him.  Not sure how that turned out.

Anyway, after the guy has sat, my dad jokes that this table is reserved for libertarians.  I said that I suppose they should both leave.  I said it with good humor.  So the other guy says “What’s that?”

My dad says I should tell him.

I said I was really trying to just enjoy the day instead of finding (more) things to disagree on.  So the guy says “Around here, we hang libertarians”.  I said “Libertarians shoot back”.  He just sat there.

The my dad goes into some story about Bill O’Reilly shouting down John Stossel, and saying that Stossel needs my help.  Yeah…  The only “help” he needs in that instance is to not agree to go on a program where the host talks over the guests, out of fear that someone might hear them and realize that Old Bill is a lying, authoritarian sack of…. aaaanyway…

Then the other guy starts saying that the person he really likes to watch is Mike Huckabee.  Great… here we go.

He said that he loved it when Huckabee had an atheist on his show who was protesting crosses being put on the World Trade Center site.  Huckabee says that they are symbols of “our Christian Nation” or somesuch drivel.  He says “What’s the atheist symbol?”  And the guy was (according to the story), stumped and couldn’t answer.

Well, guess what overly-delusional guy- atheists don’t need a symbol.  I don’t have a trademark for my own car company because I don’t own a car company.  Atheists use many cute symbols to communicate our amusement at stupid delusionoids, like you, but none of those is “the atheist symbol” like your pathological attachment to a device for capitol punishment (One you don’t ever represent accurately, by the way).

Christians are really stupid about the things that make them Christians, which brings up another point:  Everyone is stupid about something.

You could say, with good reason, that I am stupid about my love life/sex life.  Yes, stupid.  But I know it.  I don’t deny it.  I am also stupid about some other things.

But, Christians wouldn’t BE Christians if they weren’t really stupid about Christianity.  And they don’t even know they are being stupid.  They are unaware.  They can be really smart in every other aspect of their lives, but they have a gaping hole in their brain that allows them to be Christians.  They have to cherry pick the Bible.  They have to ignore science and reality.  They have to make up evidence out of thin air to support their beliefs.  This isn’t “smart”.

One Response to “Random Brain Droppings”

  1. Squarepeggeen Says:

    Ouch. I’m glad you survived your weekend, Peg, and that you came away with so much to blog. But ouch. Your family sounds toxic. And yeah, the idea that lack of a unified symbol is somehow evidence that atheists are inferior … OMG. (And this from people whose chosen symbol is a torture device.)

    Sounds as if you handled yourself pretty well.

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