Days of God and State


I could scream.

I am enduring a couple of days of unending state worship and religionism.  I am still smiling on the outside.

Yesterday this town had its yearly festival.  US government flags were flying everywhere.  Police and military paraded past so that we could fawn over their “service” and “sacrifice”.  The National Anthem was sung.  I ignored it and just kept on walking- at risk of life and limb.

Yeah, I realize I could be attacked for not worshiping the popular gods.

Every other vendor was selling religious-themed crafts.  (No, I didn’t join them to peddle the nasty little things I have helped create.)

Now, today, I get to go to a family reunion and hear relatives getting positively orgasmic over what god has done to.. oops, I mean “for” them in the past year.  And I’ll endure the big hand-holding circle jerk prayer that accompanies these events so that we can pray away any chance of food poisoning before we begin to ingest the feast.

At this reunion will also be a person who has used his god and his nationalism and his love of The Law as an excuse to do me financial harm.  I’ll ignore him as much as possible, even though he is a VIP at these gatherings.  Wait, he is a VIP to me, too.  A “Vermin In Pants”.

I’ll probably survive, but I won’t enjoy it.  Anyone want to go in my stead?


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