Some people need to look in a mirror…


There’s a piece of property just down the road where the owner has a couple of billboards.  The big professional jobs.  He uses them to promote “conservative” Christian ideas.

The newest message on one of the billboards says something about:

God is Love.  The Islam god, Allah, the Quran, and Sharia Law call for unbelievers to be killed.  But the Christian God…

Wait just a cherry-pickin’ minute here… what is it again that the Christian god does to unbelievers?

Killing a person for non-belief is bad enough, it our real world.  But if the magical mystical land beyond death were real, then throwing non-believers into a lake of fire where they could roast in horrible agony for eternity x eternity- trillions upon trillions of years, where a googol-plex of years wouldn’t even count as a molecule of the first letter on the title page- is immeasurably worse.

Examine your own beliefs before you start criticizing the beliefs of others.

One Response to “Some people need to look in a mirror…”

  1. Squarepeggeen Says:

    Well said, Peg! Every time I hear some xtian selectively quoting a “kill the infidels” verse from the Quran as “proof” that every Muslim on the planet is a terrorist, I think, “Wait. Haven’t you read your own so-called holy book? It’s full of that stuff.” And yes, worse.

    Then I remember … no, the typical xtian has never read the complete book that he considers the inerrant word of god. And even when he runs across some bloodlusting passage in the bible, he just says something like, “Well, I’m sure my pastor could explain that” or “Well, that was in the olden days; Jesus changed everything.”

    A pox on all their houses.

    I like your phrase “wait just a chery-pickin’ minute.”

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