The mind of god


Peggeen here with another puzzler I’ve found when talking with xtians.

The Christian knows the nature of god. God is all powerful. All merciful. All seeing. All knowing. Is present everywhere. Is the pure essence of love.

The Christian talks with confidence about god’s actions. God protected me from that speeding car. God drowned New Orleans for its sins. God made sure that man was there to help me change my tire. God inspired the founders of our country. Etc.

The Christian is certain of what god wants. God wants us to love him. God wants us to accept the sacrifice of his son. God wants us to go to church on Sunday. God wants us baptized by immersion not sprinkling. God wants us to stone homosexuals to death or smite his enemies. Whatever.

The Christian receives direct messages from god: God told me to go check on my friend’s welfare. God told me he wanted me to become a missionary. God told me not to go the football game. God told me to take that job.

But … ask one single question that isn’t in The Christian’s repertoire of prepared Q&A … and all of a sudden: “Oh, the mind of god is unknowable …”

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