Over capacity: Alert!


Confession: I have only a finite capacity for exposure to religious nonsense while keeping quiet about it.  Recent events (even besides this one) have caused an overflow.  That is why you are seeing more out of me.

I had a similar problem several years ago.  Only I had no blog back then.

I worked at a business that was owned by a preacher and overwhelmingly staffed by like-“minded” individuals; many of whom went to his church.

They would discuss religion matter-of-factly.  As if no one could possibly have a different view.  Generally I just sat there listening (or trying not to) and gritting my teeth when I got “full”.

One day I got into a discussion of evolution with a co-worker, at his prompting.  There was no hostility or tension at all.  None.  However, the general manager walked through the room and flipped out.  He told us that was NOT an appropriate topic of discussion for work.  And, no, there was no “public” who could have over-heard and been put off by the discussion.  Even some of the other employees that he had been unreasonable.

We were not allowed to listen to iPods or radios.  They might “distract” us.  Yet, a couple of co-workers listened to sermons (yes, I believe they were telling the truth about that) and that was A-OK.  As was religious music.  I said nothing but chalked it up to religious blindness.

However, it did overflow my capacity for delusionoids and caused some stress.

Private property.  Freedom of religion.  Yeah, I respect all that.  Didn’t make it any easier to deal with on a daily basis, though.

One Response to “Over capacity: Alert!”

  1. Squarepeggeen Says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the difference between me and hardcore believing xtians isn’t just what we think, but that our basic mental processes are completely different. Our brains don’t work in the same way, period. While some of what you ran into (Christian music okay, any other kind of music distracting) might have just been pure bigotry, it might also represent a real difference in brain wiring. Havent thought this out fully yet, but I’ll probably write about it later.

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